There is no denying the wide range of benefits offered by the internet to users across the world. However, along with its benefits come the myriad of security risks and breaches through the online medium. In the modern era, internet fraud and digital crimes are on the rise. With so much happening around the world in terms of the overall cybersecurity, it is important to realize the importance of two-factor authentication.

Most of the latest security breaches are password-related including the iCloud photograph leak, DropBox’s password security breach, and so on. If high-end celebrities and mega-companies are victims of major data breaches, what can stop this from happening in your case? When you are considering internet security, 2-factor authentication is one security measure that is gaining impetus in recent times. 2FA or 2-Factor Authentication is also referred to as MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

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It serves to be an effective and secure way of keeping the users, customers, and the entire business safe from common internet security breaches. The process of two-method authentication requires two steps in the security verification process. As such, it becomes difficult for any fraudulent party or individual to get through your online account and steal confidential information easily.

The basic principle of working of 2FA involves different forms for identifying and authenticating the validity of login to a particular account. The forms are – something you are, something you know, and something you have. Something you have denotes some possession, something you know would denote the username & password, and something you are could be the physical representation for identification including your fingerprint, the facial recognition, or some scan.
Two-Factor Authentication – Setting a New Security Trend

Passwords are usually regarded as a secure means of ensuring internet security for your different online accounts and the overall presence online. However, with the rapid modernization of the Internet in the modern era, it has become quite easy to get through the users’ passwords and perform serious security breaches of the confidential information. Every day, there are hundreds of users all across the world who are becoming victims to the phishing scams.

In the given scenario, 2FA or MFA aims at effectively resolving the security concern. The multi-factor security solution provides a reliable, additional layer of security. This is performed by sending a particular code to a given portal or device that the end user has access to exclusively.

This straightforward, yet secure supplementary mechanism aims at addressing the vulnerability of logins performed through the password-only mechanism.

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2-Factor Authentication – Security that Works for You

The advanced forms of security measures including 2-factor Authentication or MFA serve to be effective only when they are quite easy to adopt at the same time.

This is the reason 2FA (2-factor authentication), and its solutions keep evolving from time to time towards ensuring the ease of use by the end users. The developers of the 2-factor authentication aim at making it simpler for the end users to integrate, utilize, and maintain 2FA for their advanced internet security. The latest token-less solutions can help in supporting a wide number of passcode delivery mechanisms offering great versatility to the end users.

Tech-driven authentication platforms can also help in offering the right deployment flexibility at the same time – enabling you to select from cloud & on-premise or both.

Streamlined Access for Business Enterprises

There is no denying the fact that IT complexity tends to be a major issue in most realms out there. Any change to the given IT network comes with the potential of setting off a chain reaction of major tweaks as well as adjustments – keeping the users frustrated and offline at the same time.

As the presence of a streamlined authentication process helps in ensuring enhanced productivity of the end users, the IT administrators should aim at ensuring that each latest addition or upgrade tends to affect the access to major programs quite minimally.

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With the help of MFA like 2-factor authentication, the IT administrators can easily adapt the necessary level of support required with the help of contextual information like geo-location, login behavior patterns, type of login system, and so on. For instance, when the particular user is performing the login from a reliable location from where he or she has logged in before, the user will not be prompted for the OTP (One-time Password) for authentication. As such, it enables the end users to be assured of the required level of security with enhanced ease of use when using internet resources off-premise.

Top Reasons to Make Use of Two-Factor Authentication for Your Security

Here are some of the major points that support the need for 2FA for your internet security:

– Stolen or weak user credentials are regarded as weapons of choice by the hackers

–Utilised as much as 95 percent of all the application attacks on the web.

– Identity theft serves to be an easy, high-reward, low-risk form of crime as well as a major threat to all business enterprises out there. It also serves to be the fastest means of cybercrime in the modern era.

– From the period of 2016 to 2017, the total number of successful internet breaches was up by as much as 27.5 percent.

– The presence & utilization of advanced firewalls and antivirus solutions are vital security elements along with vulnerability tests. Without the presence of the proper user authentication mechanism, the front door of web access remains open to the potential hackers.

– Password theft or breaching is constantly evolving as the potential hackers out there tend to make use of common methods like pharming, phishing, and keylogging.

– Cybercriminals are known to do much more than merely stealing your confidential data. They are also known to notoriously destroy confidential data, change or update services or programs, or even make use of the servers for transmitting spam, propaganda, or some form of malicious code.
To conclude

As cybercriminals around the world keep modifying their ways of performing cybercrimes in a more effective & complicated manner, it is the role of the end users and IT administrators to protect the network in a manner that the access is simple and secure at the same time. Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication enables the users and the respective IT admins to deploy an advanced security strategy that protects the given network.

Written by Ibrahim Massri
Ibrahim Massri is General Manager at ICTechnology, an IT services provider based in NSW. He has more than 9 years of rich experience in IT management services. Working since 2010, he has expertise in project management, business strategy, business development, Microsoft Office solution selling, and software related projects. He loves to pen down new industry insights and his experience in this field to help solve challenges related to IT issues.