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Are you an emerging entrepreneur struggling to keep your digital business afloat or lacking the funds to deploy software applications for your business?

Well, you are in luck!

It is crucial that you keep your business up and running on the world wide web in these modern times. But that is not as simple as it sounds. Having a software application or a website is more work than it seems from afar.

For owning an online business medium, you must abide by specific rules and protocols. Websites require server hosting so that your servers remain active and functional. Managing all this on top of the other aspects of a business can get overwhelming. And this is where ICTechnology comes into play.

What are hosting solutions?

It is necessary to have a domain name and a hosting service for your website. A web hosting company, much like ICTechnology, provides services for keeping your website in good shape. It is exhilarating having to manage hosting services for a website yourself. But hiring a virtual web hosting solution provider will keep your website accessible through the Internet without any inconvenience. Companies like ICTechnology have massive databases where your website is hosted. These databases are supercomputers called servers. Capable of handling huge bits of data, server computers link your site with the rest of the world wide web.

For a visitor to see your page, he/she will have to type in the unique domain name of your website. The name of the website or the domain name acts as an address to locate your site. A subsequent request will dispatch to the relevant server when the user types the address. Which, in this case, are the supercomputers of ICTechnology. As soon as the servers receive the request, they will fetch your website contents to display on the visitor’s device. All this happens in milliseconds depending on the strength of the connection. Now you might have gotten a sense of the importance of servers and their role in keeping your website relevant.

This should not surprise that servers and domain names are paid services and not accessible. In some cases, buying a server is much more expensive than the overall revenue generated by the website. This is where hosting solutions come into play.

As the name suggests hosting solutions are complete hosting packages explicitly designed as per your needs. As a website or application owner, you can access a hosting solution package. These packages include setting up servers and domain addresses for your website and managing the site’s traffic over time.

But like all online services, you are never too sure with random hosting solution providers if you are getting the best deal. Some providers cost so much that there remains no point in using a hosting service.

But with ICTechnology, you are covered.


ICTechnology is an IT firm that provides online and onsite solutions to your digital problems. Technology is at the core of every business now, and without it, no business can survive. Linking up businesses with potential clients and maintaining a secure network of employees is crucial. With ICTechnology, you get the complete package. From setting hosting links to managing servers, ICTechnology handles all your concerns regarding a website or application.

Other than that, you cannot deny the ever-existing threat of cybercrimes. Cyber-attacks at poorly protected websites can access hosting sites and the server data. This is the nightmare of every business owner having a digital footprint.
ICTechnology keeps your application and website away from the evil of cyberattacks. The protected and encrypted data channels used by ICTechnology guard your website and applications against any intruder. As mentioned above, the significant upside of using hosting solutions by ICTechnology is that you get the best deal for every dime. Partnering with leading technology suppliers, ICTechnology has all the resources at hand. It is relieving you from unwanted service charges.
Moreover, using hosting solutions of ICTechnology, you get the following features:

Hosted Intuit Quickbooks

This feature allows the customer to host licensed Quickbooks efficiently. Thus providing a rich experience of finance and accounting. Having Copies of Intuit Quickbooks on a cloud server has far-reaching implications. That allows you to access your Quickbooks anytime with any device.

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint

Successful Collaboration is at the heart of every successful business. With Hosting solutions from ICTechnology, customers get access to hosted Microsoft SharePoint. Linking staff and the enterprise through a collaborative medium, Microsoft SharePoint needs every business. This feature will help you to take your business to the next level.

Custom Application hosting

Signing up for the hosting solutions by ICTechnology, you also get the option to design the hosting service as you wish. Although the default services provided by ICTechnology are relevant for most businesses, you can still modify them to your liking. In comparison, other hosting providers charge vast sums of money for providing customer service. But ICTechnology clears all the hassles of technology for you.


It is settled that hosting services are of crucial importance. These services have the potential of turning a business around—many struggles to decide on which hosting service to go for, given the countless providers online. Well, ICTechnolgy has all the answers to your IT-related questions. The state-of-the-art technology employed by ICTechnology for hosting solutions is destined to take your business to the max. Repairing and managing software applications regularly is time-killing. And time is the single thing you cannot afford to lose when running a business. It is only wise to hand over all the IT-related aspects of your business to ICTechnology. As they certainly have the resources and professionals to take care of all that.