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Have you ever heard of an IT maintenance plan or managed IT Services? Have you considered it for your business? If your company or your organization depends on a server or anything that is, in any way, computer-related, then there is an absolute need for your system to be regularly monitored and updated automatically.

What exactly is an IT Maintenance Plan?

Planned IT Maintenance refers to scheduled monitoring of your server for both its hardware and network features. Simply put, it ensures updating your business computer network automatically so that your system runs without glitches. A well-designed maintenance plan runs 24/7, providing you with the assurance that all parts of your system work without missing a beat. Needless to say, without planned maintenance in place, your business poses the risk of sudden systems failures.

Before we discuss the benefits of an IT maintenance plan, let us understand some basic things about your server.

A server is made up of components, not unlike the ones you have in your regular computer. It has a motherboard, memory, processing chips, and other hardware unbeknown to the usual user. The server, though, conducts the more intricate work, it is sturdier and is configured to function for more time-consuming jobs.

Your company server is connected to some kind of network and it is where “requests” and corresponding information are processed. It is your access point to all kinds of information that is out there. Additionally, your server enables you to connect with other computer networks. This is quite common in workplaces. Servers allow you to save images and documents in one computer and retrieve the same from another unit. This is because the server stores the “information” in any computer that is part of your local network. It is like having other servers neatly tucked within one system. Maintaining a server, therefore, is crucial to the efficiency level of a given company or business.

Is this too much technical detail? Keep reading, it will make more sense.

Here are a number of reasons why a lot of businesses decide to subscribe to an IT maintenance plan. These reasons range from savings for your company to a more conducive and stress-free environment in the workplace.

1.Productivity Boost
The success of a company or a business hinges on how productive it is. A maximum output done in a minimum time frame is the usual goal for optimum success. More often than not, things can go downhill due to unmaintained servers or networks. Connectivity issues arise and files become inaccessible. Unforeseen complications take hours to fix and remove focus from delivering the main task, causing unnecessary delays, wasted hours and endless difficulties that can become critical to the operations of the company.

A customized IT Maintenance Plan can significantly reduce these delays, technical errors, wasted hours and minimizes frustrations that may arise in the workplace.

1.Cost Reduction
Emergency repairs are costly and time-consuming, no matter how temporary it may be. It causes the company idle time, missed deadlines and, most importantly, these repairs will hurt your company brand’s reputation. The cost of overtime pay, overnight shipment and extensive marketing budget add to the burden of running a company.

A customized IT Maintenance plan can ensure time and money is spent where it is most beneficial to the vision of your business and its growth. Save your company from the potential risks of unforeseen problems and expenses.

2.Increased production
Faster execution as a result of a smooth-sailing operation is the perfect scenario for any company. Nobody wants to be bogged down and stressed by intermittent connection, or be slowed down searching for files lost in the system. Ease of connection is prime in the workplace and improves your employees’ efficiency. Faster network, after all, results in high productivity!

A customized IT Maintenance Plan can ensure all documents are secure and accessible, with permissions for the various levels of access.

3.Improved production quality
Whether you are conducting a presentation for a new client, doing a progress report for your seniors, or undergoing a VOIP for a customer-service-based business, your product and your service rely on the continuity and smoothness of your company operations. Your network should be a dependable stepping-stone for great service in your business operations and not a hindrance to the efficient delivery of your service and product.

A customized IT Maintenance Plan ensures your team players have access to all the right resources at the right time, closing that deal with confidence!

4.Increased Equipment Efficiency
Preventive maintenance will be the key to extending the life of your hardware and using your network efficiently. Purchasing a new set of computers, hardware and peripherals will not be cost-efficient and will not assure your company of a dependable network if it is not maintained and cared for!

A customized IT Maintenance Plan is designed to keep your software and hardware working at optimal levels and productivity.

5.Decreased Equipment Downtime
Maintaining a functioning network is best left to the experts. Since all the data is stored in a server, it is very important to maintain it effectively and ensure it is automatically being updated and reporting back to base. The ongoing and automatic monitoring prevents obvious delays in the system and continuous analysis of how your server is functioning.

A customized IT Maintenance Plan includes an ongoing monitor of the company servers and network connections.

IT maintenance planning is all about you, your team and your company getting ahead in the game and maintaining its tip-top shape! Call ICTechnology now to discuss your options. We offer tailor-made packages to suit every business needs. Choose ICTechnology for your customized IT Maintenance Plan.