Technical Staffing

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Technical Staffing

Whether you need help installing a new computer or servicing your network, or you need temporary IT staff for a week or more, ICTechnology has skilled, professional IT technicians available to assist you.

Typical roles for short and long-term staff augmentation include:

  • Moving your offices from one location to another
  • Assistance opening a new branch office
  • Assistance closing a branch office
  • Rollouts and migrations
  • Onsite helpdesk
  • Spyware & adware removal
  • Virus & worm removal
  • Identity-stealing Trojan removal
  • Registry cleanup for faster boot-up times
  • De-fragmentation of your hard drive for quicker access
  • Cleaning out dust and grime buildup
  • Testing all hardware devices (CD-ROM, sound, etc.)
  • Updating windows with the latest security patches
  • Updating anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, and other security programs
  • Staff training on how to keep your system maintained and how to avoid re-infecting computers

To keep your office computers and network running and keep your costs low and predictable, ICTechnology offers a Managed Services Plan.