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Firewalls Network Security Services Sydney

How does a firewall work?

Your firewall’s purpose is to protect your computer network from unwanted access by other computers, programs, and systems. It is designed to block incoming and outgoing network traffic according to the rules set by the administrator of the system.

Firewalls are designed to protect computers from hackers who try to gain access through unauthorised means. They can be configured to block certain types of traffic based on their application or destination, they can control traffic flow in an organisation’s internal network, preventing unauthorised data transfer between computers on a private network, among other parameters.

What are the benefits of using a firewall?

In addition to anti-virus protection, a firewall will monitor your network traffic and ensure threats do not travel from one computer to another without the knowledge of the users. It ensures that threats do not enter your system – and if an attempt is made, the user is notified.

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What are the different types of firewalls?

Firewalls are widely used to protect networks from unauthorised access. They can be classified into various categories.

  1. Hardware and software firewalls
  2. Stateful and Stateless firewalls

How do I configure a firewall?

A firewall is a security tool that protects your computer by blocking unauthorised users from accessing your network. It is typically set up to watch a single computer or network from the Internet but can also be set up to protect an entire organisation.

Configuring a firewall for a single device is simple and straight forward. Configuring a firewall for a network requires some understanding of the parameters and settings.

What should I do if my firewall is not working?