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That’s why ICTechnology offers onsite and offsite cloud backup solutions, disaster recovery, and enterprise-level data security.

We, at ICTechnology, are a team of data backup experts and provide you with the solution to your every problem. We offer all the above services and always provide high-quality services to ensure that our clients can quickly access data in case of any mishap.

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ICT Offsite Backup

Why Is A Backup On The Cloud So Important?

One of Sydney organisations’ most significant issues is avoiding business interruption or legal consequences due to sensitive data loss after a virus infection, fire, server failure, flood, or theft.
Data mirroring, file synchronisation, file versioning, and other sophisticated technologies are accessible with cloud-based data backup solutions that are not available with typical onsite data backup solutions.
Because of the increased competition in the market, cloud service providers stay up with all technological advancements.

Why Is Offsite Backup So Important For Your Company?

Offsite backup services have become more critical in today’s digital age. There are several ways it might benefit your organisation.
• A Cost-Effective Approach
As a company owner, you’ll be able to get the benefits of the most convenient, secure, and easy-to-use service while keeping your budget maintained.
• A Centralised System
An excellent cloud-based backup system gives you a single view of the current status of your backups across all clients and data sources. MSPs can easily monitor backup status, plan backup tasks, and undertake troubleshooting actions using a single, web-based portal.