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ICTechnology’s Private Cloud offers the services you need for the cloud to operate at its peak efficiency.

Our private cloud services are entirely customised for your company and where you are in the cloud migration process. We can assist you if you need help extending existing cloud services, transferring to a new platform, or switching to the cloud. We can assist with cost optimisation and continuous administration if you already purchase a significant amount of private cloud services.

We adapt by developing a roadmap and delivering business-appropriate cloud services and solutions for your organisation as it grows and changes over time. This guarantees that you’ll always receive the optimum cloud configuration for your company without a bias towards a single cloud, allowing you to maintain peak performance.

ICTechnology’s Private Cloud Services offer your company a completely customisable and secure cloud model.

At ICTechnology, cloud services should be about choice. ICTechnology’s Private Cloud is well-liked by customers who want the advantages of the cloud with the management and functionality of on-premises systems.

Your infrastructure will be delivered to you, increasing company agility, improving service quality, and shortening time to market. With our selection of fully managed private cloud services, you may access the advantages of enterprise cloud on demand.

High efficiency and availability

We can guarantee availability as ICTechnology manages and provides your cloud services and network connectivity. Our local service and support teams can provide help based entirely in Australia.

Delivering cutting-edge infrastructure

Our private cloud services use top-tier hardware and software that combines all-flash storage with solid processing.

On-demand, specialised Cloud expertise

Due to the high energy of IT infrastructures, subject matter experts are becoming more and more necessary for internal technical generalists. We can lessen this responsibility by helping manage your infrastructure’s operations.

Data protection, governance, and retention rules

We provide complete backup and disaster recovery services that guarantee the success of your business continuity initiatives. This offers a professional data management team’s knowledge and attention to detail at a significantly lower cost.

Implementing strict security requirements

Cloud security expertise offers a complete cyber security service that identifies, prevents, and eliminates attacks in the cloud.

Complete support

We provide complete remote monitoring, capacity planning, and diagnostics of your servers, PCs, and network devices, working as an extension of your team.

While your team concentrates on managing your business, we’ll keep your Private Cloud completely optimised, so it runs quickly and successfully.

Is an Australian Private Cloud solution the best choice for my business?

Any company that wants to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing should consider using a private cloud solution.

A private cloud offers a corporation unmatched control over its data and resources, which is one of its key advantages. Companies can use data encryption to protect their confidential information, liberate themselves from vendor contracts, and even build hybrid cloud architectures that connect private and public clouds for increased flexibility.

In addition to data segregation for compliance standards, which Private Cloud affords far better control over, security is higher than generally associated with a Public Cloud solution.

Why use ICTechnology’s Private Cloud Computing Services?

Zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) or Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Synchronous data replication provides zero RPO capabilities that replace conventional disaster recovery strategies for complete peace of mind, enabling access to your data whenever and wherever you need it.

Cost predictability and transparency

Stop spending too much and increase cost predictability. You only pay for the virtual resources you use, and you’ll always be aware of your monthly spending unless your needs alter.

Specialised performance and dedicated resources

A dedicated and secure environment with total flexibility and control over CPU, RAM, and storage for a tailored IT environment – you get high-performance private cloud services from us.

We get you up more quickly than ever before

Speed up the digital transformation with effective cloud technology that lowers risk and gives you complete control over your IT environment, including security, compliance, cost, and performance customisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes the private cloud from the public cloud?

Private clouds give businesses more flexibility and control over their data than public clouds. Installed on hardware often controlled by the company, private clouds give them complete control over resource access.

Additionally, private clouds allow for greater customisation to match the particular demands of an organisation and support its policies and processes. Public Cloud, on the other hand, presents an alternative for companies searching for inexpensive hosting choices with low setup and maintenance costs.

What factors should I take into account while selecting a private cloud solution?

There are several crucial considerations to consider when considering a private cloud solution to ensure you choose wisely. Data protection and high service uptime are essential elements of successful Cloud services, so security and dependability should come first.

When choosing a long-term solution for your company’s demands, the cost is a significant component that defines the solution’s cost-effectiveness. Getting a managed service as a private cloud component ensures technical support and peace of mind because these companies can provide professional guidance on making the most of the technology in your infrastructure.

Lastly, the scalability of the chosen Private Cloud Solution is crucial for adapting to shifting business environments while keeping costs down and facilitating efficient resource use.

Is the cloud service secure?

The cloud is not “inherently” secure; you must find a partner to provide cyber security as part of their managed cloud service if you decide to implement a cloud services model.

62% of small and midsize firms still need a good or active cybersecurity strategy, despite the worrying frequency of cyberattacks. Some people even have no strategy at all.

With security provided as a service, you gain access to a comprehensive plan that includes site and cloud protection, guaranteeing that your company is protected from hostile attacks.

Cloud Services Provider in Australia - Call us!

ICTechnology’s Private Cloud Services provide a dynamic, agile, and locally maintained cloud based on the most cutting-edge platforms from the top vendors worldwide.

We can help whether you need assistance migrating to the cloud or a plan to scale up. So, call us on 1300 123 428.

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