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In today’s world, businesses need to have disaster recovery plans to stay in operation after any disaster, reduce downtime or minimise loss of revenue.


Most MSP follow three main steps when it comes to developing a BCP. At ICTechnology, we follow a simple process:


*Identify all the mission critical in the business,

*Backup and build a process to restore the data, during a potential disaster

* Proactively monitor and manage networks and systems


What are the Benefits of Disaster Recovery Planning?

Data backup is the process of creating a copy of your data, storing it separately and away to where it is being used. This data must be kept up to date and accessible in times of recovery. Any business with essential data needs a backup to retrieve and restore should their systems be compromised.  

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What are the critical components of Disaster Recovery?

Disasters are inevitable. It is essential to be prepared for any disaster that may happen. It is necessary to have a plan to carry out successful disaster recovery. This plan should include the following: