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Access Control System

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What Is Access Control?

Access control, a security method, limits who can access resources in a computing system or business network. Minimising risk to the company or organisation is a core security concept.

Access control includes two types: logical and physical.

Physical access control restricts access to campuses, buildings, rooms, and physical IT assets.

Logical access control limits access to data, system files, and computer networks.

Organisations deploy electronic access control systems that track employee access to restricted business locations and private regions, such as data centres, and rely on user credentials, access card readers, auditing, and reports to safeguard a facility. These systems include alarms and lockdown capabilities to stop unwanted access or operations, access control panels to limit entry to rooms and buildings, and lockdown and alarm capabilities.

Leading Access Control Technology

Any size organisation needs reliable, cutting-edge access control solutions to secure its facilities. For years, ICTechnology has made it simple for millions of individuals to access offices and other locations. Our goal is to assist your organisation in finding the appropriate access control solution, from entry-level smart card technologies to advanced options like Mobile Access.

Upgrade Older Access Control Technology

Using advanced access control technology, you may create attendance records and timings to improve team performance and ensure your staff is evacuated during emergencies.

Access Control Systems – Technology That Puts You In Control

Access control systems increase your ability to monitor and manage visitors to your property. The correct access control system offers improved security and convenience whether staff and customers enter and exit your business through a single door or navigate through a complicated network of many access points.

Our expertise of access control specialists can collaborate with you to comprehend your access control needs, examine your environment, and design an access control system for you.

ICTechnology collaborates with the industry leaders in security technology to provide and install the finest access control systems globally. Our expert staff has experience designing and implementing creative and affordable access control solutions for large and small businesses.

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Benefits of Access Control System

Remote entrance is one of many advantages of remote access. The general management system of your facility can be coupled with access control systems. Your access control system can be programmed to turn off the lights, switch off the air con, and manage other energy-saving features. No more hoping the last person to leave switches everything off! 


Remote access

Multi-location access

Enhanced security 

Several reporting possibilities

Protect and secure data rooms 

With years of experience in the security industry, the team at ICTechnology are confident and ready to offer you a solution suited to your requirements.

The Best Products for Your Ideal Access Control System

Touchless Solutions: Touchless access control technologies can promote a safer and healthier workplace.

Mobile Access – Mobile device-based access control that is safe and practical

Intelligent Buildings – Track the position of personnel, guests, and assets in real time.

Readers – Best-in-class readers for use with biometric and access control systems

Cards and Credentials – The industry’s most extensive collection of open, smart-card-based credentials

Controllers – Open-architecture, adaptable controllers to provide security at the door and elsewhere

Why Choose ICTechnology?

ICTechnology can offer your organisation a superior level of security and corporate access control. We provide a full range of security alarms, door access control, digital security cameras, and video systems to fulfil your needs and connect with your current security.

Our ICTechnology team can assist you in developing an end-to-end security system using cutting-edge technology and strategic planning to prevent unauthorised entry to your facilities, safeguard assets and personnel, and guarantee your team’s safety in an emergency.

Get the most cutting-edge access control systems in Sydney at prices that fit your needs!

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