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Dedicated Server Hosting in Sydney

A Dedicated Server, also known as a computing server, is a server that has access to all the machine’s physical resources. With our server management service, which includes round-the-clock monitoring and upkeep, you can forget server administration and concentrate on your primary duties. Take advantage of a proactive online presence with assurances on service-level agreements and high-quality server hardware that satisfies your most stringent data needs.

Dedicated Server Hosting offers for businesses in Sydney are a dependable and powerful choice with less downtime than other servers. With a Dedicated Server, you can utilise the machine’s RAM, storage, and CPU capacity, unlike a virtual server, which uses some resources to operate its virtualisation technology. With cloud computing, we may also refer to this kind of solution as emphasising the machine’s physical accessibility instead of specific solutions that rely on virtual instances.

A Dedicated Server also allows the user more freedom to customise the setup to meet needs and control the data stored there. A more sophisticated installation is still possible, albeit it may be necessary for some commercial apps to reach your clients.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. These include improved scalability, product ownership, performance, and security ownership.
The most significant advantage of using a Dedicated Server for hosting is that you, as the client, have complete control over the servers. In other words, the firm stakeholder controls the operating system and software, including server rights and file sharing.
The benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting are as follows:
High-speed connections through various carriers to avoid downtime
DDOS Protection
Network engineers to keep track of services
Incredible website performance and security, check and upgrades
Easy to monitor settings, server performance, reinstallation of the operating system, server reboots, and more

Hosting that’s fully loaded and dedicated!

With the unparalleled control of dedicated hosting, you’ll get to use various outstanding features and advantages.

Extreme Speed

With the ability to enhance speed over time, each server is custom created, utilising the most recent open-source technologies.

Upgraded Storage

With the help of a server administrator, you can expand the amount of storage available on your server.

Fast Provisioning

Within 24 hours, a team of experts from our company can plan a custom-build of your server and have it ready to connect to the network.

Dedicated Assistance

Get quick support from staff members trained to deal with problems related to Dedicated Server Hosting.

Why ICTechnology for Dedicated Server Hosting?

There are no restrictions on how you can configure, optimise, and manage your resources when you have your Dedicated Server. ICTechnology will be here to support you in your server maintenance and update requirements.

Multi-server Management

We can expand your account with additional dedicated hosting services and manage everything from one location.

Improved cPanel

We can easily manage all your websites, domains, emails, resources, and more from a unique location.

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