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Dedicated Server Hosting
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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in Sydney | ICTechnology
Technically, a shared server and a dedicated server will support the needs of the client. The difference is the actual hardware in the form of the server itself. Think of it as real estate, you can share the island or have your own.
Dedicated servers can be more powerful than shared servers and can offer better performance for a thriving business with multiple users.

What are the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting offers a lot of benefits to organisations of any size. These include increased security and performance, better scalability, and right of ownership.
The main benefit of dedicated server hosting is that it provides users with complete control over their own servers. This means that the business controls the software and/or operating system on it without worrying about compatibility issues or sharing virtual space on shared servers.

What are the features of dedicated server hosting?

The server is not shared among multiple clients, so performance is optimised.
Dedicated hardware ensures better performance and stability.
The server has no downtime due to system updates or hardware failures.
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How does dedicated server hosting work?

In order to understand how dedicated server hosting works, one must first understand what a dedicated server is. A dedicated server is an isolated computer that has its own operating system, memory, processor speed, hard drive space and IP address.

The server is isolated from the rest of the network and the data can be accessed only by the business and its staff. Dedicated server hosting is a very popular choice for businesses with limited IT staff or budget, who want to take full control of their servers and ensure they are not sharing with other companies or sites.

How much does dedicated server hosting cost?

Dedicated server hosting costs vary depending on the type of server that is being used. To find out what an investment in a dedicated server will mean to you, contact ICTechnology today.