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A solid security system is a necessity for any business. During the 2020 pandemic, theft in local and business environments took to a steady and constant rise. Even during the best of times, security technology and crime mitigation measures play an important role in protecting business assets, so lets talk. ICTechnolohy uses advanced technology and trained IT professionals to keep our clients’ premises and operations well protected.


CCTV technology has proven its convenience and efficiency over the years. The CCTV devices provide non-invasive coverage of crucial areas of surveillance to ensure the safety of business assets. A well-deployed CCTV network eliminates the need for watch guards and with the 24-hour coverage provided by these systems, your business and assets are under strict watch. A lot can be praised about CCTV’s as security systems with reportable success, with no logical downsides to having a CCTV system installed.

Why is it important to have the right security service?

Having a security system is different from having the right security system. Below we list some of the reasons why it is essential to seek advice for the best security service for you.

  • Vandalism: security cameras are prone to hardware and software damage. An intentional bug in the software of your CCTV network can disrupt the whole security system leaving your business assets at risk of theft and crime.
  • Weather conditions: your security cameras can be severely affected by harsh weather conditions. The correct install is crucial to maintaining the hardware life and accessibility.

Why choose ICTechnology got your CCTV needs?

Enhanced security: After all, this is the purpose any security system is designed to serve. Undoubtedly with CCTV and security control systems, you get ten folds more security, than without these technologies.

  • Maintaining records: The data collected by CCTV footage and other security systems is of crucial importance in any suspicious activity.
  • Reduced crime: It is estimated that the installation of security systems alone can reduce the region’s crime rate by up to 50%.
  • Maintenance: Security systems, including cameras and access controls, require maintenance and can be vulnerable to software and hardware bugs if not set up correctly.
  • Breach of privacy: Not everyone is a fan of working under surveillance. Staff may feel the security systems exploit their privacy. Our team can explain the process and put these concerns at ease.
  • Cybercrime: Data collected by these devices are not immune from cybercrime. Security systems must have their software aspect secured to avoid being hacked themselves, and any data being stolen.
  • Value: With newer technology and more advanced systems, the overall cost of installing a security system can be demanding. Small companies and businesses are often taken advantage of, when sourcing a functional security system.

Whether you run a small business or wish to secure your residential premises, a solid CCTV security system is a need. The provider you choose will decide the level of quality you receive in your project. Contact ICTechnology today for an obligation free quote.
With an accredited Master License, ICTechnology will ensure your security needs are measured and executed.