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Cybercriminals do not care about the size of your business. They just look for two factors – Is there money? & How difficult is it to attack the victim’s system? This is where Kaspersky security software acts smart to fortify the cyber perimeter for your business protection. Following articles on Kaspersky anti-ransomware solution and Kaspersky endpoint security, in this article, I am going to discuss the features of Kaspersky Small Office Security.

Kaspersky Small Office Security Software provides a complete protection against online attacks, ransomware, malware, trojan worms, and data loss. It is designed for businesses running 5-50 computers, some servers, and mobile devices. It works out-of-the-box and can be managed from one easy-to-use cloud-based console. The plus point is that you don’t need any IT to use its powerful security tools and monitor security from any connected device you choose.

Why Go With Kaspersky Small Office Protection?

Be it Windows or Mac desktops/laptops, Android smartphones and tablets, or windows based file servers, Kaspersky small office security is a perfect fit to fight against unforeseen vulnerabilities.

  • Enhanced Anti-Ransomware Functionality – With all advanced set of features, it allows you to block malicious encryption attacks and trigger an automatic backup so that you can restore your data whenever and wherever required.
  • Improved Safeguarding of Online Transaction: Counteract cyber-attacks on online financial transactions with enhanced safe money features. So, can be a smart switch for all e-commerce portal and websites who make online transactions.
  • Conventional Security Status Monitoring: Through a dedicated, cloud-based monitoring console, businesses will get a single view of the protection status of all devices – PCs, laptops, mobiles on their network. From this single page, they can take an action, for eg – activate or deactivate security of any device within the network.
  • Easy and Fast Set Up: Out of the box simplicity combined with extended functionality and control. The cloud-based console makes remote management and monitoring easy. With one single web page, you are able to monitor your security status of all devices or can activate/deactivate security on any specific device. Furthermore, you will always have an easy access to Kaspersky Technical Support Team.
  • Feature Rich: Be secure, no matter which devices you use. Award-winning anti-malware protects your PCs, Macs, file servers and mobile devices from all types of cyber threats. With one smart decision, you’ll be able to protect your whole business (Especially mid/large size) including all sensitive data.
  • Most Tested, Most Awarded: No other vendor can match Kaspersky Lab’s success record in independent tests. By combining real-time, cloud-assisted technologies to secure your mobile devices, file servers, and PCs, Kaspersky protects your business against the very latest threats.

Apart from the above set of user-centric features, let’s also discuss Kaspersky’s multi-layer approach and how it provides an iron-shield protection across mobile devices, file servers and PCs – managed from a single console.

  • Stop Cryptolockers: Anti-cryptor capabilities for Windows PC obstruct the cryptolockers and ransomware in their tracks. As they make attempts for any malicious activity, it will trigger automatic backup and restore.
  • File: Secure sensitive data and protect your business from data breaches, fines and lost business with Backup and Encryption.
  • Secure Web and Email: Stop spyware, phishing and malicious Internet links from hijacking your business.
  • Finance: Safeguards your money, credit card numbers and banking details.
  • Optimized Performance: It will give you more efficient traffic flow, faster web loading times and optimized deployments, updates and start-up time to enjoy the optimized performance.
  • Stay Safe on the Move: Protect Android smartphones and tablets with our mobile security and management technologies. Lock, wipe and locate missing devices – It protects sensitive information on employee-owned devices.

With this multi-layer protection and extended features, Kaspersky is the number one choice among small businesses looking to protect their data. If you have questions in regards to this product, you can contact us here at ICTechnology. Our anti-virus experts will be happy to assist you.

We are a registered Kaspersky partner in Australia. Also, let’s do a Free Risk assessment to know how it may cost if you ignore vulnerabilities.

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