Man has always been an inventor and innovator. In his efforts to make work lighter and faster, man invented the wheel and discovered how to make fire. Through the centuries and to date, man continues to invent and innovate.

Inventions and Innovations of Man

After the invention of the wheel, the transient man made his travels easier and faster with its invention of such useful things as bicycles and carriages which then graduated into cars, planes and space shuttles!

With the discovery of electricity and by harnessing it, man came up with the microphone, the radio, and later on, the television. Now we see drones flying above us taking aerial photos of activities down below it.

Information Technology

We have come a long way. The advent of writing implements like pen, ink and paper gave us a way to connect with others and Information Technology is, perhaps, the most advanced and useful innovation with its digital revolution for everybody. Connecting with people around the world has become instant and can be achieved with one click on a variety of devices and gadgets.

One need not spend hours handwriting ideas, networking plans with extensive calculations and computations, your IT does all that and more! Some have the ability to understand and manipulate, create new ideas and programs, whilst others simply take advantage of all that is available. But, do you know what is available?

Advantages of the Use of IT in Business

1. The Use of IT Tools to Solve Complex Problems
There are many tools to solve complex data – bigger and improved memory, efficient and faster processors, clear visual displays of flows are a few of the ways IT can assist your business. Combined with smart application and training, your business can be at the forefront of research and development!

2. Better Decisions and Improved Marketing Through IT
The facility of research makes for good decisions. Reliable video conferences, social media use and industry forum reviews, online advertising and customer feedback all come into play to create a successful marketing campaign. An effective team with the right IT resources means your business will become the leader of the market.

3. Improved Management of Resources
Access to vital information is the make or break of a deal, it is the difference between knowing and not knowing in a presentation, it is the source of the team knowledge base. The use of a Cloud-based storage system, with the correct privacy and safety net enables the company employees to access their software and documentation anywhere, anytime. A business that has prompt responses and accurate results is a business that can be relied upon.

4. Improve Customer Support
Customer analysis and feedback help a business to analyse and understand their customer expectations. This understanding will lead to higher customer satisfaction reviews, building a business that is trusted. Social media platforms, various electronic surveys, emails, and online discussions through webinars can help achieve this.

So, when setting up or growing your business, planning is crucial and IT is a critical part of this plan. Innovation is the key to improve your team communication and effectiveness which in return will be transformed into sales and profitability.

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