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MS Office 365 is one of the “fastest growing tools” in the history of cloud computing. According to Microsoft, an increment of almost 150% is recorded among small and medium size businesses (SMBs) adopting this technology, as compared to the last year. Some amazing features that make it so popular are business continuity, scalability, efficiency, and data recovery. If you are still unsure about migrating to cloud with Office 365, check out these new product add-ons that will convince you to change the way you operate:

  1. DocuSign for Outlook:

Being a one of the most popular e-signature solutions, you can securely sign any document yourself or even get signed from recipients. Also, all signed documents can be saved automatically in Microsoft OneDrive.

Office 365


  1. Search the Web:

Getting an extra window to do a web search has just made the searching process super easy and quick while you are working. With ‘Search the Web’ add-on to your Office 365 package, you can perform a standard Google or image search within Office 365 window pane. And you can use the result (Text or Image) in your document in just a few clicks.

  1. Pexels:

Do you want to dress up your report or presentation with beautiful and meaningful images without scouring Google for an hour? Pexels can be your best choice to stock the professional photos and instantly dropping them into the document.

Office 365

The images under Pexels can be utilized for any legal purpose without adding any attributes. Also, it speeds up the process of using image gallery and you can save your favourite images for further use.

  1. Find Time:

Scheduling meetings and checking the availability of teammates can be equally time-consuming task as it elapses the productive hours in just finding a suitable time-slot.

Office 365

With FindTime add-on, you can automate the process to a large extent. Firstly, it locates the open spaces of all participants and then provides you those options.  All attendees can vote for a specific time and the meeting is automatically scheduled for the slot having maximum votes. This way, you can save your most productive business hours from the endless back and forth.

  1. Office Tabs:

You might have seen the tabbed interfaces in all modern browsers and Office 365 brings that familiar setup to the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, all in the cloud. You can open multiple files in the same window within multiple tabs. The good thing is that it offers much deeper functionalities. For instance, users are able to quickly close and save all documents with just one click. In the same way, you can rename the document or save it to a new folder just by right clicking on the document tab in the taskbar.


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  1. Translator:

One of the exciting features available for Office 365 is Translator that simply translates the highlighted text in almost 50 languages.

Office 365

It’s true we may not need the translation feature for daily purposes but it makes the process quite simple instead of cutting the text and translates it from any other online service. It even helps to edit the suggested translation with editing tools to get the desired format or result.

Office 365 always introduces new exciting features and capabilities to the product periodically that makes it an all-time favourite tool for everyone. If you want to discuss more features of Office 365 and how it can make your work life smoother, just post in the comment section with your email address and contact number, and I will arrange a call back to you from one of our specialists.

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