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We’ve already stepped into 2018 and this is the time to thinking about upcoming plans, business growth and targets to achieve in 2018. But how can you ensure that your business is ready to scale for growth in 2018? That’s why I have put together a business guide that plans out the IT infrastructure needed for your business. Let’s begin by thinking what are the top 5 things/resources to equip your business for seamless, hassle-free operations.

Here is the answer – Office 365, Skype for Business, IT Managed Services, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing. Each of these will support a specific department in your business. However, the best of all ‘IT managed services’ will impact your overall effort by creating a base to achieve the desired success. So, I recommend you hire an IT managed service provider to get the right guidance.

Scalable & Efficient Business Growth Planning for 2024

As mentioned above, IT managed service providers would be the key to business growth planning in 2018 in order to allow complete flexibility of operations, ensuring scalability as and when it is needed and complete reliability of data. Adopt a focused Business Innovation Strategy for Growth Planning in 2018.

By ‘Business Innovation Strategy’ I mean implement products that allow you to freely – Communicate, Collaborate and Share. To put them into practice, let’s look at each one of them:

3 Point ICT Business Growth Plan:

  1. Communicate: This is one of the most critical pillars of growth in any organization. It’s time to switch to tools that facilitate seemless communication internally and among client’s. What else can be better than Skype For Business? Just one great app for messaging, calling, meetings, video, conferencing, file storage and screen sharing that works with all popular Office tools. To get a deeper insight into this tool, please read our article, Top Reasons to Choose ‘Skype for Business’ for Your Organisation
  2. Collaborate: How efficiently can you deliver the results? Office 365 accelerates the path of ‘digital transformation’ by adding new extensions to your work. Whenever and wherever you are, it lets you create, edit, and share important data from your PC/Mac, your iOS, Android™, or Windows device with anyone in real time and hence improving the collaboration feature. To get the details, please read our article, Ready to Go-To-Office’ Experience With MS Office 365
  3. Share: The ability to access things anytime and anywhere is most important especially when you have a global client base and/or multiple offices. Switching to the Cloud would be best thing that you can gift your business in 2018. It not only offers improved cybersecurity but also provides the ease of accessibility. You can choose the different Cloud options based on your business requirements. To get more details, please read our article, Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud Storage: How to Choose the right virtual network?

What’s Next?

Now that you have an understanding of how ICT processes can contribute to a sound business growth strategy, it’s time to kick start evaluation of the current set up that you own. So get started by calling an IT services expert to perform an assessment and chalk out a structured plan.

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