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With the advancing technology and the rapidly progressing era, modifications can occur before we even complete the planning process. The right alterations and modifications of office wiring can be substantial and we all know that the office cabling is part of the backbone of any organization.

The right plan ensures that all the necessary devices are connected for networking purposes, ensuring there are no hurdles in communication and the working process. ICTechnology Project Managers assist you and your team, aiming for effectiveness and efficiency, organising the optimal business network structure for you and your team.

Why is Structured Office Wiring Essential?

Just like your employees, cable wiring plays an integral part in letting your brand or business flourish. Having a plan is crucial, let us explain why

  • Eliminates frustration:
    It can get immensely frustrating to lose your connection while you are attempting to finish your respective tasks. Time for a reboot?

    Tangled wiring makes it troublesome for even the best of employees to decipher which wire is for which purpose. It eventually leads to unplugging the wrong things, wasted time, as well as disappointment.

    That’s why proper office wiring solutions lead to satisfaction and minimizes the distortion while working. Let us help your team reach their targets with minimal distruptioins.
  • Gets the Professionals in:
    Did you know that cables can deteriorate if they have excessive weight on them. The misplaced and tangled wires can kink, twist and tangle into an irrepairable nightmare.

    ICTechnology has a dedicated Cabling Team that will sort out and label the your system properly, the first time round.
  • Lasting Impression:
    Your clients’ first impression of your office space will determine how they wish to proceed with you, or not. Neat and professional office wiring is one of the critical steps to take when moving, restructuring or if its just time for a tidy up.
  • Safety:
    Employee safety is a priority for ICTechnology, as it is for your business. Any damaged or incorrectly stored wiring may result in breakages, consequently leading to sudden sparks and fires.

Our Cabling Team uses only suitable cabling solutions, ensuring the safety of you and your team.


What we can do for you

The ICTechnology Cabling Team is ready to come out onsite, deliver an office cabling solution, and help you achieve a network that works for you, not against you. The team uses a variety of tools and equipment to create the best result for your space. These range from

  • Cable ties to group multiple wires creating a neater appearance. They also reduce the chances of occasional hazards while offering more organized sets of wires
  • Cord identifiers help your team identify the specific cables preventing incorrect disconnections
  • Cable worms help in sorting out the wires between the desk and the floor, reducing the hazards and creating a space that works for your staff
  • Cable mounting clips are used to prevent a composition of wires from collapsing

If it is time to safeguard your business environment, tidy up your office space and create a cabling sysem that works for your benefit, then it is time to contact ICTechnology.