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With the advancing technology and the rapidly progressing era, modifications can occur before we even complete the planning process. The right alterations and modifications of office wiring can be substantial and we all know that the office cabling is part of the backbone of any organization. The right plan ensures that all the necessary devices are connected for networking purposes, ensuring there are no

A solid security system is a necessity for any business. During the 2020 pandemic, theft in local and business environments took to a steady and constant rise. Even during the best of times, security technology and crime mitigation measures play an important role in protecting business assets, so lets talk. ICTechnolohy uses advanced technology and trained IT professionals to keep our clients’ premises

With the number of new cases declining, the Covid19 pandemic is far from over.  This is hitting the manufacturing businesses very hard. If you are in the service industry and can manage the work remotely, then this is super important for you! Your staff can continue to run all the orders, access documents, book in jobs and so much more from the safety of

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft announced the end of its commitment to provide 10 full years of product support for Windows 7. This officially ends the life of Windows 7, making way for Windows 10, which is the current flagship operating system of Microsoft. This means, those who continue to use Windows 7 will no longer receive vital updates or technical assistance, which

Man has always been an inventor and innovator. In his efforts to make work lighter and faster, man invented the wheel and discovered how to make fire. Through the centuries and to date, man continues to invent and innovate. Inventions and Innovations of Man After the invention of the wheel, the transient man made his travels easier and faster with its invention of such useful

Nowadays, we cannot even think of a day without technology. For a business operation point of view, technology is a lot more critical. The functional area of any business relies heavily on the IT infrastructure, i.e. Data storage, networks, hardware, software and so on. Therefore, entrepreneurs or business executives want to craft an effective strategic plan to be successful in every