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IT directors, administrators, and CIOs managing enterprise set-ups, spanning multiple cities or countries need efficient and secure networks. It is true that larger organizations have more complex IT requirements compared to the small-to-medium businesses (SMB). However, this doesn’t mean that SMBs don’t need those set-ups. In most small companies or even 250 people, they may have one IT person in place of IT managed services to manage all network related issues around the office. You can imagine how efficient that would be especially keeping up with the changing technology or watching out for cyber-attacks.

Check out the most common pain points faced by an SMB company and how IT managed services providers can address them.

  • Limited Knowledge: As most SMBs work on limited resources, this makes it very challenging to stay updated on the latest changes in the networking world. IT industry is forever evolving and needs constant changes to stay updated. It’s impossible for one single person to keep all systems updated with all the latest technology and upgrades.

IT Managed Services: Now compare the present scenario with an experienced team overlooking different aspects of the IT department. Who would do it better? Managed services can tackle your IT issues before you actually know them as they have years of experience not just with you but with multiple clients and different issues.

  • No 24*7 Availability: The network system and data centers don’t have the luxury to take night-off whether it’s an SMB or a large organization. Unlike larger organizations, SMBs work in smaller shifts only. Discovering a network failure in the morning or late night can cost thousands of dollars to any business. As SMBs don’t have any resource to handle the network in odd hour s, many times it becomes hard to recover those failures.

IT Managed Services: Managed services offer 24*7 monitoring and support to discover and repair your network failures even they are too frequent or immediate. You don’t need to sacrifice your peace of mind and work-life balance as managed services can proactively fix all issues.

  • No Support Days: Is your website safe and protected when your IT Guy is on leave or in case if immediately left the company. Do you have a backup system to monitor or to hand over the existing infrastructure? For SMBs, it is difficult to manage things at their own in absence of IT guy as it requires certain knowledge and experience.

IT Managed Services: With Managed services, you will get a blanket of protection covering your system every minute of the day. Even if your complete IT team goes on leave, the rest of the people don’t have to worry about any sort of challenges or downfalls. They can proceed uninterruptedly with their day to day operations.

  • Nitty-Gritty Tasks: For an IT person, working in a small-mid size company, he is constantly occupied with IT management tasks like server updates, downloading patches, and several other fixes. With so much time devoted and on-going activities, it becomes just impossible for him to think strategically and develop new initiatives to meet the rest of the business needs.

IT Managed Services: By leveraging the years of experience and breadth of knowledge gain from multiple businesses, managed service will help you develop your IT team from more than just in-office “IT Guys”. As your IT issues will be addressed and fixed more proactively before they actually appear, your IT team can operate strategically and contribute more in business for smother ongoing or automated the things.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with ICTechnology

With reliable managed IT services from ICTechnology, our computer network maintenance staff monitors all your network, data centers an IT technology so that you can stay stress-free throughout the Sydney and New South Wales Area. With a complete range of advanced IT support, proactive monitoring, and managed services, we ensure your peace of mind while increasing your ROI.

Why ICTechnology Managed Services?

  • Enjoy peace of mind – trusting your technology to our expert team of IT professionals.
  • Seize more opportunities – with user-friendly technology that works.
  • Increase billable hours – consistent IT support yields more uptime.
  • Take the guesswork out of budgeting – with the convenience of our IT flat-rate plan.

Our IT management and computer network maintenance solutions deliver everything your business needs to go the distance. Contact us now to get managed service for your small-medium size business organization.

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Ibrahim Massri

Ibrahim has grown the ICTechnology team from a one-man show to the amazing team they have today. With over 15 years’ experience, his strive to improve and better himself is obvious, as he mentors the team and leads with passion.