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From last couple of years, Anti-ransomware Solution is gaining popularity among cybercriminals primarily because of its capacity to restrict access to important files and sensitive data on a victim’s computer. We can’t forget Wannacry 2017 attack and how badly it exploited many businesses with malicious virus for numerous oganizations across the globe. One year has passed and we’re still in danger of ransomware attack. That’s why Kaspersky Lab has paid close attention to encryptors and decryptors. The experts are working really hard to develop specific tools to counter security threats.

According to a Global IT Security Risks Survey 2017 conducted by Kaspersky Lab – the total financial impact of a ransomware attack on a company can amount up to $713,224 (£549,740) on an average. The situation is worse for a small/mid-size company because the victim may still face encrypted files that can’t be restored because of an inefficient anti-virus software. This indicates that many security solutions are powerless in front of severe ransom attacks, especially the ones floating around commonly in cyber space today.

Kaspersky Anti-ransomware Solution from Kaspersky Labs

Kaspersky anti-ransomware solution fights malicious viruses before they become harmful by neutralizing encrypting Trojans. This new generation security tool has been developed after 20 years of profound research and battle against cybercrime, with a promise to deliver the best-of-breed anti-ransomware solution to protect businesses.

Why Kaspersky Anti-ransomware Tool?

(a) Compatible with Other Security Solutions:

As already discussed, Kaspersky Anti-ransomware tool is intolerant of any type of malicious worms. It can be easily clubbed with any other security solution, be it from Kaspersky or any other vendor. Generally, a computer doesn’t allow multiple security software on a single screen and if we do so, it will create problem. Nevertheless, you can easily launch Kaspersky Anti-ransomware solution with other security tools in your system. They won’t interfere with one another. Why is Kaspersky Lab compatible with other security tools? The reason is the superior security control and flexibility that this anti-virus software allows.

(b) Complete Security Checks

Furthermore, Kaspersky Security Network quickly checks the reputation of files and website URLs throughout the client’s System and Cloud space. System Watcher monitors the behaviour of programs and provides proactive protection from unknown versions of Trojans.

(c) Backup and Rollback

Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool can make the backup of files opened by suspicious software. Also, it allows to rollback the changes if the file has been opened or corrupted by malicious programs.

A note of caution – Kaspersky anti-ransomware is one part of the solution. You can power it up with an additional security layer together with advanced security solutions like Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Businesses or Kaspersky Small Office Security.

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