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Office relocation is a significant milestone for any business. It can signal growth, herald a new corporate direction, or simply offer a more suitable space for your company's evolving needs. However, the task of moving an office is a multifaceted challenge that requires meticulous planning and coordination. In this guide, we will delve into the details of how to plan an office relocation

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that mixes up the digital world with what we see and hear in the real world. It takes digital bits like images and sounds and drops them onto our real world. So, while you’re looking at the real stuff, you can also see extra things like added images and sounds. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), AR merges the

In an era when surveillance is crucial for safety and security, AI is revolutionising CCTV systems. These AI-powered CCTV systems are our new watchful guardians. In these systems, AI is at the forefront, transforming CCTV systems into intelligent tools that redefine the search for video footage. How Does AI Improve CCTV Systems? AI has opened up a world of possibilities to enhance CCTV systems. Here

Cyber threats are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated with each passing day. It’s important to have knowledge and awareness of the not only the nature of these threats but also how to defend yourself against them. Australia is also not immune to these threats but fortunately, the government has stepped in to provide laws and security centres to take measures against them. Why cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity, also termed as Information Technology Security or Electronic Information Security, is the practice of protecting digital systems, networks, and programs from cyber or digital attacks. The main goal of Cybersecurity is to maintain information confidentiality, integrity, and availability under control to avoid ill use of it. Minimizing Cyber Threats: Protecting your business against cyber threats through a proactive and informed approach can help combat

Cybercriminals may threaten to disable computer systems or delete data, infect a company with a virus, reveal private or personally identifiable information about customers or employees, conduct a denial-of-service attack, or seize control of social media platforms to generate revenue. There are innumerable instances of similar assaults occurring every day to organisations of all sizes. Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime To assist businesses in

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has reported that during the 2020 financial year, 59,803 cybercrime reports were made, equating to 164 cybercrime reports per day on average or one report every 10 minutes! The most common and frustrating type of cybercrime utilizes malicious software that makes data and systems inaccessible until the victim makes a payment, this is what the experts refer

With Australia being one of the leading innovators in modernizing the world, cyber security is becoming more and more a necessity. Cybercriminals are increasing in number and capability. 9.2 million malware detections were recorded with the average cost paid to cyber extortionists amounting to $36,295. Payments as high as $250,000 have been made.  The cost of cybercrime in Australia is expected to grow by more

As the need to protect IT systems and data is increasing, the terms backup and Disaster Recovery are being more and more used. However, they are more often used in the wrong context than in the right ones. It is very common for people to misunderstand the terms while discussing how one can better protect the data and the systems involved. “Having a backup

Regardless of the industry, every business runs on data. Modern business houses recognise the importance of protecting their critical data, which is why they take appropriate measures to safeguard it. One of the basic ways of protecting valuable data is backing it up. It is imperative to have regular backups even for a small business. Data loss happens, and if and when it does, it can